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Trail DPT 

Your virtual running assessment Doctor

Dr. Nicholas Fabula, DPT  

Running is about efficiency, tenacity, and the ability to maximize movement. With the right balance you can enjoy every stride for great distances.


NiCK Fabula, DPT 


In short, I am a trail runner and a Sports Doctor of Physical Therapy. Aka the 'the trail doctor' or Dr. Fab. 

Running is where my passion for understanding the human body has merged with my enjoyment of the physical therapy field and freedom of running outside in the elements.  My all time favorite race is the Amasa trail race in Moab UT. Running through the red rocks, canyons, and along the Colorado river in the Spring time.


I have been practicing in this field for 5+ years and been providing running analysis for 3+ years.

Running experience:

  • Portland marathon 2014, 2016,

  • PCT section "J" in 2 days,

  • Run the Rock 50K in Bend OR. 2019

  • Multiple PCT training runs

  • Many 1/2 marathon and 5k fun runs 


I look forward to helping each person to achieve their goals on the trail, on the road, and in life. 

I look forward to working with you and helping provide insights into how you can achieve your running goals.

Running is the freedom to put one foot in front of the other until you find yourself. 



Running assessment 

This running assessment is an opportunity to have a doctor of physical therapy review the biomechanics of your body in motion. This will help  determine and pinpoint areas that would benefit from additional attention through a combination of specific stretches, strengthening exercises, dynamic mobility, and functional training creating better efficiency 

Within this program I will analyze videos that allows me to look closely at all of the details of your running gait including heel strike, mid stance, and toe off based on my physical therapy experience. At the end of my assessment I will provide you an detailed report, voice over of you video and a 30 min video conference to discuss the details and next steps 


Gait Analysis



- Tenacity - 

Extremely persistent in adhering to do something, relentless




nicholas Fabula




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Satisfaction guarantee: 

If you are not 100% satisfied with the services provided, contact me and I will refund you the full amount.  

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