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Trail DPT 

Body Balance and Calibration for optimum performance 

Dr. Nicholas Fabula, DPT  

Body mechanics serve as the cornerstone of movement and athletic prowess. They are the fundamental principles that drive progress towards optimal function and athletic achievement.



Nicholas Fabula, DPT 


As a mission-focused medical professional, I bring a wealth of experience in sports orthopedic rehabilitation, functional movement, and assessments. My particular interest lies at the intersection of biomedical technology, human anatomy, and sports science. With a focus on how these areas of science can enhance rehabilitation, health, and athletic performance. With expertise in functional science, gait mechanics, and return-to-sport protocols, I excel in working with diverse populations, including endurance athletes.

Areas of expertise include specialized sports rehabilitation for all sports, in particular, running, skiing, and cycling. I am passionate about biomechanics, functional movement, and strength and conditioning, utilizing this knowledge to optimize performance and recovery

Sports; a powerful motivator, sparking positive experiences that resonate in everyday life for athletes of all levels


Movement assessments for sport

This assessment offers a chance to delve into the biomechanics of your body in action, pinpointing areas that could benefit from targeted attention. By incorporating tailored stretches, strengthening exercises, dynamic mobility drills, and functional training, we aim to enhance efficiency and optimize performance




Movement assessment

nicholas Fabula



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